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E-procurement for Olympic Catering

The subject of this project is the development of an electronic procurement model and a prototype for Olympic Catering. During the last years, supply chain management specialists have made significant efforts in finding new techniques for improving profit margins for the companies. Especially in the catering area there has been an international trend for purchasing products and goods through the Internet. Suppliers selling products to airline catering must learn to do so through the Internet in order to survive. Catering companies should change to e-catering companies if they want to play a critical role to the market and retain their market shares. In our study we propose an efficient model for e-procurement that is relatively easy and cost effective when it comes to implementation. We prove that the model is robust and captures all the existing functionality in the supply chain management process. We believe that our work is a major contribution for introducing E-Supply Management Services in a market area that is expanding.

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