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E-tourism: Innovative electronic distribution solutions of travel services

E-Tourism refers to the travel services offered through the adoption of modern Information Technologies, and especially through the Internet. IS Impact is a leading eBusiness solution provider for the Retail and Travel industries. The major e-Tourism project that the company has implemented, and serves as a basis for our study, is the development of an e-hub for TUI Destinations. The study aimed at facilitating the company to enhance its products and position in the local and the international market. International e-travel portals that are competitive to the TUI portals, having developed an innovative evaluation tool were identified and analysed. Based on that, best practices for the online travel business and recommendations for, a portal developed by IS Impact for the TUI e-hub, were developed. Furthermore, a market survey on the “Current status of the IT Readiness in the Greek travel agencies” was conducted. Based on the research, suggestions for the company’s strategic action plan focused around three pillars: a) Internet solutions, b) Intranet solutions and c) ERP solutions.

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