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Expansion decision of a bank in a foreign market. The case of National Bank of Greece

Banks currently face an intense international, dynamic and fast paced competition, due to important regulatory and technological changes. These changes affect the way service are provided, the channels use to deliver services and the nature of financial services providers. Banks are presently evolving from their traditional role as reactive monetary intermediaries and service providers toward a more general and proactive function as regional and international financial agents with a distinct sales culture.
This project presents, from a theoretical perspective the challenges that a bank faces when decides to expand its activities abroad. We present the case of National Bank of Greece which seeks to expand its operations in Romania because by this time the only operating branch, NBG Bucharest is not sufficient to face the increasing amount of operation with Greek business in Romania. The study further presents the Romanian banking market and the main competitors of NBG, concerning their main operating features, financial results and strategy of expansion.

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