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Exploitation of Aerial Fiber Optics Network Of Ilpap

Technological development in the field of network technologies has lead to the introduction of a new bundle of high quality services over networks, so called Broadband services. The increase in demand of Broadband services is a powerful motive for many companies to expand their business in the Telecommunications field. Taking into account this evolution and making use of the competitive advantage given by the existing Aerial Network, ILPAP wishes to investigate business opportunities provided by the development of a Fiber Optics Aerial Network. The competitive advantage lies in the existing infrastructure, which gives ILPAP the opportunity to build a Network at low cost and in comparatively short time. The main targets of the new Network are the improvement of the financial statements and the internal procedures of ILPAP. Bulk Bandwidth will be chartered to one or more Internet Service Providers, who will also be responsible for the development of some extra Broadband services for ILPAP. Consequently, the financial profit will come from both the Network itself and the reduction of the operating expenses, through these new services.

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