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Extra-Mile: Supporting creativity and internal entrepreneurship through IT

The main purpose of this paper is to investigate how an electronic platform that will facilitate the Idea Generation/Management and Project Management processes can be developed for the Greek subsidiary of Lafarge within the framework of the EXTRA MILE project. The EXTRA MILE project is in place in order to facilitate Innovation, Intrapreneurship and Knowledge Management with the objective to enhance the company’s performance within the current declining industry and economy. It also aims at examining issues of Resistance to Change and Internal Marketing for the new e-tool.

The project started with literature review of related fields and went on with a requirement analysis for the e-tool through extensive contact with Heracles-Lafarge’s project team, in-depth interviews with employees and observation within the company’s working environment. Finally the e-tool was developed and tested through several testing and feedback sessions.

The main findings have to do with the end-users needs for the tool in question along with the development of the e-tool in terms of interface, functionality and process flow.

This paper is of use to the Greek subsidiary of Lafarge, since the e-tool has been developed matching the exact company’s needs. Given the fact that EXTRA MILE is a global Lafarge project, with certain modifications, it could be of use to other Lafarge subsidiaries as well.

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