Indicative FSP

Feasibility Study for CRM Infrastructure

The scope of this study is to decide upon the suitable CRM system for Retail@Link. The company is a service provider with the objective is to facilitate the collaboration and transactions between suppliers and retailers. The study was based upon three basic research methods: the analysis of Retail@Link’s main process with the use of Business Process Modelling, customer survey with the use of questionnaires and personal interviews with the most important of them and market research in order to find the most suitable CRM system for the organization. The fist step to this process was the personal interviews with the company’s employees and potential users of the CRM. The second step included the creation and distribution of the questionnaires to the customers and interviews with a selected number of them. From this step we found out the complaints and difficulties in collaboration that customers may face and how a CRM system will lead to their improvement. After having specified the requirements from both company’s employees and customers, we moved to the requirements specification by prioritization of them and giving them the adequate weights. Then we conducted a market survey in order to find the available CRM solution in the Greek market that will fit Retail@Link’s needs. Then we proceeded in personal meetings with the CRM providers in order to be informed in detailed about the different options and be able to select the most suitable. Finally, we selected the top eight solutions and we ranked them according to selected criteria.

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