Indicative FSP

Feasibility Study for Debit Card

The purpose of this project is the development of a plan for the launch of a debit card by Citibank Greece. Within this study, the Greek debit card market is examined while the alternative characteristics that a debit card is possible to have and the specific product that best fits Citibank’s strategy and profile are identified.
After a detailed reference to Citigroup and to Citibank Greece, the definition of Debit cards and their characteristics are detailed. Moreover, an analysis is conducted of the external and the internal environment through PEST and SWOT analysis tools, while also emphasis is placed on the analysis of Citibank’s competitors for Debit cards in the Greek market and their products.
After examining the advantages and disadvantages of every alternative product characteristic, a product proposition is recommended to Citibank. Furthermore, a marketing plan is developed, which suggests the necessary actions for the product’s support, and a profit and loss analysis is conducted for the expected costs and revenues in a 5 year period. Finally, an action plan and a timetable are suggested for the product launching, while also an indicative questionnaire to be used in a customer survey, which should be conducted before the launching of the product, is presented.

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