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Feasibility study of financial leasing for vehicles in Greece

This study presents and evaluates the possibility of implementing and developing Financial Leasing for vehicles in the Greek market. By covering the frame in which Financial Leasing operates in its whole (statutory, taxation, socio-economic, etc), by defining its market status (shares, target groups, etc) and by comparing it with existing financial schemes, the study is anticipated to be used by ‘Fiat Credit Hellas’ executives as a decision tool.
Thus, there is a full coverage of all parameters derived from the legislation which have affected and modulated the evolution of Financial Leasing in Greece. In addition, there is a reference in other countries statutory frames. Also, the taxation is being analysed from which all the incentives that drive enterprises in Financial Leasing derive. All the advantages and drawbacks of the lessor and the lessee are compared. Finally, the Leasing market in Greece is presented and analysed, in terms of market shares by type of asset, target groups, and future trends of Financial Leasing for vehicles.

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