Indicative FSP

Feasibility study of redesign and development of the information system of the Ploigiki Service of the Ministry of Commercial Shipping

The present study has as aim the restructuring and Information Technology (ΙΤ) adaptation of processes and work methodologies of the Ploigiki Service (PS) of the Greek Ministry of Commercial Shipping. The restructuring is necessary at present so as to prepare the PS in order to face its current needs as well as the future developments and environmental changes of the sector.The development of the IT System, will also help improve the effectiveness and is minimize the cost of operation of the PS. The study is separated in three parts. In the first part are described the recent evolutions and the present state of the PS as well as it’s counterparts in the European Union countries, complemented by a comparative analysis of the above.Τhe second part of the study covers the description of the current and suggested procedures as well as the development of the IT system which will lead to the restructuring of the PS. The third part is dedicated to the analysis of the balance-sheet of the PS and to the policy that which must be followed in order to maintain its balance in the future. Finally in the last chapter the basic conclusions are summarized which are derived from the analysis and treatment of elements of all the study

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