Indicative FSP

How to simultaneously grow Lacta and Pavlides brands

The present FSP, assigned by Mondelēz International Hellas, aims to generate and provide useful concepts and ideas for the achievement of simultaneous growth for the firm’s two chocolate brands – Lacta & Pavlides – given the consistent reverse growth pattern that has been monitored during the latest years. Detection of the root causes of this problem is considered to be a prerequisite for the development of new proposals. To this end, custom focus group including interviews, projective techniques and blind tasting is employed as the method that best matches to the research goals. Four such focus groups (Lacta Lovers, Pavlides Lovers, Non- Mondelēz Lovers and Switchers) are created with the use of snowball sample selection method.

The analysis of the interview findings reveals various useful outcomes regarding the consumerist habits, the tasting preferences, the evaluation of popular packages and the effects of crisis, health concerns and advertising on chocolate consumption while Word Association and Sentence completion tests reveal subconscious associations among the brands and various concepts. Neither the interviews nor the market data analysis verify the initial hypothesis of cannibalization among the brands. As a result the proposals provided, focus on the achievement of overall market expansion for Mondelēz against its competitors. The suggestions concern the full fledge of marketing mix for Lacta, Pavlides and Mondelēz as a total while the launching of a new brand the captures a Greenfield area is recommended.

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