Indicative FSP

Initial study for the implementation of an e-procurement system

This project addresses the functional and technical requirements that a prototype e-Procurement Platform for Hellenic Air Force has to comply with. Its scope covers the operational and functional analysis of the HAF current purchasing process as well as the presentation of the legislation affecting public procurement. The implementation of an e-procurement system incorporates the development of a Document Management System in combination with a Workflow Application, both integrated under an e-Procurement Portal, which will serve as the central point for the exchange of all relevant documents and information. Transaction and data security, compatibility and openness, as well as business process reengineering and a calculated step approach are critical factors for the successful adoption of an e-procurement system. Besides the rapid and quantifiable benefits, e.g., increase in purchasing efficiency and reduction of operating cost, resulting from the implementation of an e-procurement application, the need for organizational, functional and cultural changes are taken into consideration.

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