Indicative FSP

Internationalization Plan

Having been very successful in Greece, plans to use its expertise and know-how – especially concerning e-commerce and logistics – to expand to other countries. In order to find the most promising countries for these internationalization plans, thirteen candidate countries have been analyzed in the context of the first phase of this FSP. Among these, Turkey and Romania were identified and selected as target countries. These two countries were subject to a thorough analysis in the second phase leading to key results in the following main areas: full first-level analysis of these countries; definition of target market and segments; analysis of the target market including major competitors; evaluation of customer behavior and other operational issues; formulation of possible entry strategies; the development of a promotion strategy. The framework for these studies were all developed within the FSP project and adapted to the needs of and the respective target countries.

The results of this FSP clearly show the advantages while also considering the threats for buldoza’s entry into any of these two countries and give clear suggestions. The thorough and substantial analyses in the different fields enable to go ahead with their internationalization plans and are a firm fundament for the further planning of its operational implementation.

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