Indicative FSP

Internationalization Strategy of City Tales Private Company

City Tales is a private startup company, established in Athens, Greece. It operates in the industry of mobile culture and tourism, aiming to operate worldwide starting from Athens and expand to other European cities. Although the product is still under development, creating a network of qualified ambassadors and content providers around Europe as soon as possible would provide a competitive advantage for the company. Thus, the mission of the Field Study Project was to work on the internationalization strategy of City Tales and go through all necessary actions in order to come up with a collaboration agreement.

The team followed a sequence of 4 pillars to reach its goal: i. market research and cities evaluation for appropriateness of operations, ii. design of the process that will secure compliance of each market with City Tales’ value proposition and qualifications of partners, iii. communication with potential partners in 8 cities around Europe, iv. projections and sensitivity analysis of users and revenues for a 3-year period after launching the application. At the end, the team achieved not only to deliver an expansion manual to the company, but also to establish 2 partnerships with content providers in two European cities and to receive positive feedback from its communication.

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