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Layout rearrangement of a model distribution center of cement

This project presents the Layout Rearrangement of a Model Distribution Center of Cement in Thessaloniki for Heracles General Cement Co. The objective of the study is to rearrange the Distribution Center, in order to increase the warehousing area, to reduce the probability of accidents due to the crossing of various types of vehicles and finally to improve the customer service level. The project methodology was based on two theoretical frameworks of warehouse design. ABC classification, Cube per Order Index and material, arrival, and shipping note profiling, were used for the analysis and presentation of the current status. The processing of the results of the previous analysis led to the design of a proposed and two alternative drawings, based on basic rules of warehouse designing that can be found in the bibliography. Measurements were made, based on the drawings and the use of a simulation program, in order to evaluate the proposals. An increase in the warehousing area, an important improvement of the safety level and an improvement of the total service time of the customers were achieved in all of the drawings. Finally, the new drawings were compared to the drawing of the current situation, in order to determine the changes that will be required for their application.

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