Indicative FSP

Legal and regulatory framework for the electricity sector in Europe: A comparative analysis to the relevant Greek framework and implications to electricity business sector

This project aims at identifying the Legal and Regulative Framework established by EU member states regarding the electricity sector, in terms of the liberalization of the electricity market following the EC law established for this purpose. The first part is based on the study of the market liberalization progress in the EC. It deals with the progress of the transposition of the EC legislation into the respective national laws. Furthermore it explores the institutional structure and national focal points, and the detection of barriers to market liberalization. The analysis of the above-mentioned points of interest is performed on a selection of member states which are of particular interest, specifically: Germany, Sweden, Spain, Italy, France and Romania. The second part of the project seeks to identify the main concepts of the effective separation of supply and production activities from network operations, termed “unbundling”, and its potential effects on the market. Finally, a comparative analysis was conducted identifying the realised progress, the existing barriers and the future perspectives for market liberalization in Greece, together with their implications for Greek power production companies

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