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Below the Line Promotional Activities for Jacobs Filter Coffee

This project’s objectives are the presentation of the Greek coffee market, the understanding of the Greek coffee consumer behavior and the proposition of a series of innovative below the line promotional activities for the Jacobs filter coffee brand of Kraft Foods S.A. A market survey was designed and executed in a representative sample of Greek coffee consumers. In order for a more thorough understanding of consumer behavior, some tools of qualitative research were also applied. The results of the research and their analytical examination led to the formulation of innovative below the line promotional activities. The constant increase of the Internet users in Greece, the fact that consumers are more informed and sophisticated, and the need of disconnecting Jacobs Filter coffee from the ordinary associations, already established in consumers’ mind, resulted in the proposition of an alternative promotional plan. Its main objective is the creation of a new image for the Jacobs Filter coffee that is linked with the new technologies, relaxation, a healthier way of living and more socially responsible consumers.

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