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Macroeconomic Report Greece 2016 with in-depth focus in the Greek Agro-food sector

This paper investigates the current macroeconomic environment in Greece with respect to the financial crisis, the status quo it has created and the sectors of the Greek economy that withstood said crisis and show promise for further growth. Furthermore it focuses, attempting to provide a more detailed analysis of one these promising sectors; on the agrofoods industry. This industry is examined firstly globally and secondly as it has evolved today in Greece. The comparison between global and local provides an explanation as to why it is still a viable enterprise and also illustrates successful practices that can be transferred and applied to Greece. Furthermore the most prominent sub-sectors of the agrofoods industry (Crops, Food Processing, Greek Specialty Foods and Aquaculture) are analyzed in order to understand the problems that hold them backwards as well as the potential opportunities they present.

The findings of this report support the claim that while there is much uncertainty and instability in Greece there are still certain sectors that constitute excellent investment opportunities and if the public and private sectors coordinate correctly and work together can help drive Greece out of the crisis.

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