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Market analysis and feasibility study for ICT and web enabled collaboration and project management in construction industry consortia

The construction industry is undoubtedly the largest sector of the global economy. As a result the outcome of the construction process and the various relationships that are shaped within the industry and among different parts of this process, exert enormous influence not only on the sector itself but also on the global economy as a whole. Moreover, the construction sector is diverse and fragmented and presents problems and insufficiencies of organization, collaboration and coordination of the various processes and parts that are involved in the construction process. The use of information systems can add significant advantages to the operations of the industry through the focused implementation of specialized systems on each one of the different functions of the industry. This project analysed i-construct, which is an online project management and collaboration system aiming specifically at the Greek construction sector. I -construct is offered by the company Project On Line. In order to promote i-construct and discover ways how to use it efficiently and effectively, we have to determine the maturity of the Greek construction sector regarding the adoption of information systems and detect the existing needs and gaps. We conducted a survey in the Greek construction industry regarding the adoption of information systems. Through the survey we also detected the real needs of the sector and discovered potential gaps, which I-construct could bridge.
The basic inefficiencies we run into refer to communication problems, document management gaps, and supply support needs. Based on these findings and on the general research, we assumed regarding construction practices we identified proper strategies for the promotion of I-construct and proposed ways for expansion in way that serves the identified gaps.

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