Indicative FSP

Market research for cement by-products and cementitious

This Masters’ Thesis was submitted in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Business Administration of Athens’ University of Economics and Business and was incited by Lafarge/Heracles GC. This Field Study Project includes the research, as well as the study of all the alternative uses of limestone in Greece. Limestone, as a raw material of cement, beyond its use as a building material, can also be used in agriculture, animal feed, glass and in many other areas, bringing additional revenue to businesses that utilize these alternative uses. During this FSP, the following areas were extensively examined: all the alternative implementations of limestone in Greece and abroad, the applicability of uses which have not yet started in Greece, and the domestic market of the existing uses. Certain factors have been taken into consideration, in order to complete this FSP, such as the availability and variations in material composition of limestone for being suitable for the various applications, the competition, the supply and demand and finally, the specific conditions prevailing in each use-market to consider. Following the analysis of alternative applications, suggestions for the use of limestone by Lafarge/Heracles GC are analyzed. Finally, the conclusions and recommendations for future actions by Lafarge/Heracles GC in order to exploit the limestone to an even greater extent are elaborated.


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