Indicative FSP

Marketing and Promotional Activities for Bloode

A study focused on marketing and promotional activities for the online platform “Bloode”, in order to raise awareness towards blood donation and cultivate a volunteering spirit among young people and adults.

The objectives are first, to build a strong community consisting of patients that create real-time calls for blood in case of an emergency and of volunteer blood donors that are willing not only to satisfy these ongoing calls for blood, but also to share the need to their network. The second objective is to organize blood donations in collaboration with public hospitals, in order to meet the annual need for blood in Greece. The third objective is to increase awareness and cultivate a volunteering spirit among young people and children, by introducing educational programs in schools and universities.

This study describes the marketing and promotional activities that the team designed and developed within the context of the Field Study Project, such as content marketing, social media marketing, web analytics, email marketing, community building, as well as the organization of blood donations and educational events.

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