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Marketing plan for Cardlink payment gateway under P.I

Cardlink, the Greek leader in the Point of Sales (POS) market, will soon be entering the Payment Institution market. The purpose of this field study project is to conduct a market research and investigate the areas of untapped value. These areas include either features that competitors do not currently offer or features that could be improved. Since this service is B2B oriented and requires in-depth understanding and knowledge of e-commerce and its intricacies, we opted for a qualitative research. More specifically, we performed in-depth interviews with 20 high level executives and owners of firms on a variety of industries. Once the market research was completed, we formulated a marketing plan that we believe will most effectively capture the aforementioned opportunities. We conclude that Cardlink is about to enter a market that shows great potential not only for its current size but also for its potential growth. To fully take advantage of this opportunity, however, Cardlink should drastically change its modus operandi into a more branding and sales way of thinking. The launch of both an awareness and a promotional campaign are essential in order to start educating merchants and establishing Cardlink as a premium provider.

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