Indicative FSP

Marketing Strategy for Process Analysis Software and Implementation Methodology

This thesis is focused on developing a marketing strategy for the Process Analysis Software tool “QPR ProcessAnalyzer”, developed by the Finnish company QPR Software Plc. The purpose of this thesis is to create a detailed and specialized marketing plan accompanied by a precise implementation methodology followed by the Greek company ITMC S.A. The thesis will begin by setting the objectives and the reasons for our research, followed by the analysis of the technological background of process mining that “QPR ProcessAnalyzer” operates. What’s more, the dissertation focuses on the analysis of the external and the internal environment. The thesis will continue by presenting the results and conclusions of the conducted quantitative research, through the distribution of an online questionnaire regarding process analysis software tools and concluding to the SWOT analysis. The two final sections are dedicated to the marketing strategy and the implementation methodology that are recommended to be followed by ITMC S.A.

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