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Mobile Payments Feasibility Study In The Greek Market

This project focused on the mobile payment scheme in Greece. Initially, a bibliographic research related to the actual implementation of mobile payment solutions on an international level was conducted. It included a brief overview of the electronic banking sector, an analysis of the Greek market for the entrance of mobile payments, and a detailed research of all the alternative frameworks of mobile payments that can be implemented. Second, a complete business plan was developed for the exact mobile payment solution that the National Bank of Greece can implement in order to become an active player in the mobile payment scheme. The proposed service, named Go-Mobile, enables the users to make purchases in a physical and virtual store, by using their mobile device as a means of payment. The customers are charged directly to their debit or credit card accounts. The business plan refers to all of the steps that have to be followed for the implementation of our idea, as well as to the benefits that the involved parties will gain.

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