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New forms of e-collaboration between retailers and suppliers

CPFR (Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment) is a new practice that enhances the cooperation between retailers and suppliers in the grocery retail sector through the exchange of sales data, promotions plans, etc. in order to support the store replenishment and the efficient response to consumer needs (ECR, Efficient Consumer Response).
The ΟΝΙΑ-ΝΕΤ electronic marketplace, operating as a vertical market in the grocery retail sector, gives emphasis to the ordering and promotion management processes at the supermarket store, the end point of sales. Contrary to a typical marketplace, ΟΝΙΑ-ΝΕΤ innovates through a ‘collaborative order creation’ model (Process of Collaborative Store Ordering – PCSO ), which fully leverages the daily sell-out data of each store (POS scanning data) as well as other critical information to the benefit of both the retailer and suppliers. The ΟΝΙΑ-ΝΕΤ PCSO model extends the CPFR concept down to the store level.
ΟΝΙΑ-ΝΕΤ has recently been selected to represent Europe in the GCI (Global Commerce Initiative) Working Group on CPFR. Via this participation ΟΝΙΑ-ΝΕΤ will focus on the n-tier aspects of CPFR and the development of requirements and standards for supporting collaboration and replenishment at various stages of the supply chain.
The objective of the specific field-study project is to support ΟΝΙΑ-ΝΕΤ in this field, which represents a big opportunity for the company’s expansion at European level and contributes to enhancing the company’s service offerings.
The project team analysed the CPFR aspects of the ΟΝΙΑ-ΝΕΤ marketplace model in order to support the company in its participation in GCI. More specifically, the various CPFR elements of the PCSO model, and the impact these have on the participating companies at various stages of the supply chain were analysed. Specific requirements and tools that support the collaboration between partners were developed.

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