Indicative FSP

Overview and analysis of the Greek franchising market, integration of international trends and proposal for new franchising products and services

This project comprises an overview and analysis of the Greek franchising market, focusing on the present conditions, the relevant trends and future prospects. The accumulated knowledge and experience were analyzed and synthesized, both, in a domestic and an international level, revealing the best practices and procedures that lead to profitability and growth. For this reason, all the available secondary data have been gathered and organized in a way that makes them easily utilizable, especially by small and medium-sized companies. In addition, the theoretical background of franchising as a business format was extensively presented, including an analysis of its various forms, the advantages and disadvantages to the parties involved and its use as a method for international business expansion. A broad analysis of the Greek franchising institutional framework was also provided, along with the practical implications to the franchisor. The application and use of the analysis, in practice, was particularly emphasized through the development of a franchising manual. The latter can be used as a consulting guide for companies that want to expand using the franchising strategy. It summarizes good practices and procedures that a prospective franchisor should follow in order to grow in an effective and profitable way. Critical success factors and common mistakes are particularly highlighted.

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