Indicative FSP

Pharmacy Channel Understanding and Strategy Development

This study’s target is to deeply understand the functions and the principles that describe the pharmacy channel in Greece.

The target is to make a detailed description of the bodies that play important role in it, a description of their structure and their inter-relations, as well as to present strategic solutions, that can be used from the company P&G, in order to commercially invest in this channel.

The first part of this work, is based on a detailed “desk research”, in which, different and intersecting resources have been used, such as the internet, the company’s data bases, the University’s Library, data from Pharmaceutical Associations, etc., in order to describe the key “players”, the Pharmacies’ types, the environment and the strategies that are used in the field of the Greek Pharmacy as well as an analytical record of the bonds and the relationships of all the above.

In the second part, the study presents the findings from the market research that has been executed for the purposes of the current work, based on special questionaires designed for this reason, and describes the profile of the Greek Pharmacist and the Greek Shopper of the pharmacy.

Finally, based on the findings that have been collected form the analysis of the research data, the study presents vital strategic suggestions and indicates commercially strategic solutions, in order P&G to enter the pharmacy market.

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