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Potential opportunities of growth for cloud-based Payroll & HR Management applications and competition analysis for the IT Company Uni Systems

This project investigates potential opportunities of growth for an IT company, UniSystems, in the field of HR and Payroll Management by providing a cloud-based service (AtomoPlus) as well as it contains a competitor analysis for the main players in the market we are searching. In co-operation with UniSystems, and focused on AtomoPlus (a cloud- based service for Payroll and HR management) we achieved two main goals; the first one is to understand where AtomoPlus and UniSystems are placed in the Greek marketplace by doing a Competitive Analysis for the product and using the 5 Forces Porter Model and SWOT analysis for the company. The second one is that we identified opportunities of growth via a Market Research. Through a situation analysis, we clarified the benefits of on-premise development and SaaS. Through quantitative survey, we also examined greek companies’ attitudes towards cloud-based services (Payroll & generally), and on-premise development vs. outsourcing. We also examined whether people are open to try new innovative solutions and the results show that they seek for new procedures and they enhance their colleagues to think out of the box. However, a large percentage of the participants are not substantially familiar with cloud computing while only 1 out of 100 has already adopted this new method to run its payroll services. We end up this report with recommendations to UniSystems in order to include some specific actions in the AtomoPlus strategy.

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