Indicative FSP

The process of Merger by Absorption of F.G. Europe S.A. by Eskimo S.A.

The objective of the present Field Study Project is the study of the merger of Eskimo S.A. by absorption of F.G. Europe S.A., which was completed in June 2003. The work comprised a conceptual overview of the merger process and a detailed description of the phases prior, during and after the merger of the two companies. An evaluation of the procedures and their outcomes followed leading to a comparison of the evolution of this change to the theoretical framework and a number of suggestions for further investigation. The scope of the FSP is, on the one hand, to outline the usual practices that Greek companies follow in cases of mergers with other firms, the difficulties they meet and the gaps in the established legal and organizational status and, on the other hand to stress the unique characteristics of this particular case study.

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