Indicative FSP

Project Finance in Educational Buildings

The scope of this FSP is to examine and evaluate the execution of projects with respect to educational buildings (mainly dormitories) under the project finance scheme. Within the FSP it is examined how PFI/PPP projects are being executed in the United Kingdom, where the project finance scheme was first introduced, compared to the current situation in Greece and the plans of the Greek Government. The main body of the FSP contains the market research for the housing facilities of the Greek universities, which currently cover only the 2,4% of the existing market, and the development of the financial model, which will be used for the evaluation of the projects. The model has been run and the outcome for the revenue is within the range of the current market. The sensitivity analysis of the variables of the model has shown that the final outcome is quite sensitive to several variables and assumptions that have been made for the evaluation of the hypothetic scenario. Through this FSP Elliniki Technodomiki – TEV A.E. has a procedure and an evaluation tool that can be used for bidding for such projects.

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