Indicative FSP

Project Finance: Renewable Energy Financing and Leverage

Eunice Energy, one of the first and largest private energy producers in Greece has established its operating companies in year 2000. The company was able to raise sufficient equity financing inviting a Finnish private energy fund for participation and secured debt funding in order to successfully complete its two first wind parks. At the initial stages the company managed to balance the need for increased financial leverage and government equity requirements for subsidy approval using primarily borrowed funds. Due to the high degree of financial leverage achieved by the company and high initial risk of the projects, company financing consisted of expensive loans with strict covenants and conditions. However upon completion of the construction phase in year 2007, the risks faced by the company significantly decreased and the opportunity for the company refinancing emerged. The mission of the FSP was to analyze company environment, structure, opportunities and financial information and assist with the study of various alternatives available for the company at the current stage, develop required financial models, evaluate various scenarios and provide recommendations for the immediate future with respect to the refinancing of the company debt, reorganizing of the company financial structure and negotiations with the creditors.

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