Indicative FSP

Proposal for the implementation of a Balanced Scorecard for OTEGlobe

This project presents an effort for the implementation of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) at OTEGlobe. First, the mission, and the objective of OTEGlobe are defined and analyzed inside the Greek and international competitive business environment, with the use of strategic tools, such as MOST and SWOT analysis. Then, the theory of the BSC is presented. OTEGlobe’s mission and strategy is translated into 3 basic strategic themes through executive interviews and employee questionnaires. The strategic objectives of the four BSC perspectives were analyzed with the use of the strategy map as well as the way in which, intangible assets are transformed into tangible customer and financial outcomes. The cause-and-effect logic for each of the four perspectives is analyzed and measures are proposed and selected. Further, for the analysis of the learning and growth perspective an employee survey has been developed and contacted. As this perspective is the foundation and the starting point for any essential and long-term strategy changes, a thought-full approach was necessary. Finally, suggestions for further implementation and use of the BSC as an ultimate strategy driver are proposed.

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