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Proposals of strategic orientation of FOODLINK S.A. for the coming 5 years

FOODLINK S.A. is a third party logistic provider (3PL), operating in the Greek 3PL sector since 1997. The company has been active in the segment of food (ambient and controlled temperature), textiles and telecommunication products and has presented impressive growth rate over the years of its operation. The company’s management team perceives as of vital importance for the company’s survival and further growth the expansion of its activities to other target markets of customers. The objective of this project was to help the company trace the market openings and opportunities to come and take advantage of them by developing a successful strategy in accordance with the above mentioned goal. Through the project, there is an attempt to propose specific strategic tactics taking into account the risk parameters and estimate the competitors’ reactions to FOODLINK’s entrance to new segments. The study examined the internal (resources and capabilities and SWOT analysis) and external company environment (PORTER’s five forces and PEST analysis) together with the demand and supply forces of 3PL services in the Greek market and the European scene. With the use of a matrix of proximal markets to Foodlink’s operations, eight potential markets for expansion are being traced. With the application of Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) in SWOT analysis, those markets were prioritized ending up to four potential markets where the company can expand its operations. Finally, the market of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics and the market of electric and hi-tech finished products are selected as targets as they are presented to offer the biggest market shares for a 3PL provider. The strategy formulation is based on the entrance of FOODLINK in both these markets.

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