Indicative FSP

Qualitative Study & New Product Development Proposals

This Field Study Project reviews the behaviour of consumer towards online travel booking, the importance of online travel services and air tickets’ booking based on global and European researches nowadays. Reviewing initially the international point of view and the future tendencies in the online travel booking dynamic, comes to the Greek online travel market and particularly in the needs of

The objective of this research was to collect data and qualitative characteristics of the traveller in the online travel industry, focusing on the Greek market.

Based on review of the literature this Field Study Project followed the mixed-method, based on the qualitative and quantitative research. Our Field Study Project consequently examines the results deriving from the research methods, proposes a new research agenda for travellers’ behaviors in online booking, and recommends empirical methods for future research.

The results of the personal interviews – questionnaires are very important for as they come from direct contact with the consumer either in person or on-line. The deliverables are the identification of the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the consumer, the market segmentations,’s competitive advantage and eventually proposals of new products to be developed, in order the company to be competitive in the local market and maintain a sustainable growth.

Our ambition with this Field Study Project is to give an outstanding of gaining knowledge in travel agency business and ways for faster growth and further evolution.

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