Indicative FSP

Record and analysis of NCS Hellas processes and suggestions for improvement of its performance

Scope of this field study project is the creation of a manual with the basic processes of NCS at Sales, Inventory and Accounting, the creation of job outlines and the formulation of suggestions for the improvement of the corporate performance.
The method followed was: interviews with the company’s personnel, elaboration of the collected data, correspondence with theory and, finally, formulation of suggestions based on corporate reality and under the prism of a three year horizon improvement. In the first part, each department’s processes are analysed in a way that they can be communicated among different departments and be a guide for their execution.
In the second part, job outlines that are related with the key corporate processes are reported. Aim of these reports is to give to the company directions and ideas accompanied by a general framework for new job creation. The company should then analyse and valuate this report as thoroughly as possible in order to decide on the degree that these new jobs will affect the improvement of the corporate performance.
The third part describes the steps suggested for the improvement of the corporate performance according to the EVA increase. In addition to that, an analysis of issues such as Management of Corporate Performance, Marketing Pricing Policies, Product Development that can create more Sales to the company and Service per Customer Value follows and after presenting the corporate profits for the next three years we demonstrate the need for Business Process Reengineering in the end of the three years period. Additionally, the Business Plan for the company expansion to Turkey is presented.

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