Indicative FSP

Redesigning an airport flight information system to meet operational planning objectives

The aim of this study was the analysis and the elicitation of user requirements of an airport Flight Management System. The study was carried out at the Athens International Airport in collaboration with the airport’s IT&T Department. The drive behind that effort was the development of the SMART-UFIS, the successor of UFIS which is the airport’s existing flight information system. The study followed the basic principles of SSADM and the user requirements elicitation is based on QFD methodology. The study began with an analysis of the existing operational processes which includes the processes and information flow mapping and the description of the way the system was currently used. The second part of the study concerned the elicitation of user requirements which is done using two successive survey instruments focused on important UFIS characteristics and components. The results were processed according to a methodology aiming at highlighting the particularities of the different groups of users. The findings of the analysis provided a ranking of system components in terms of importance and prioritization and show a path for future improvements.

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