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The Role of Greece as a Pivotal Point for Expansion in Central Eastern Europe

The markets of the Central Eastern Europe (CEE) region are attractive to most multinationals. Greece, being one of the initial investors in the region, has gained comparative advantages in “understanding” the dynamics in these markets. As interest from other European countries is increasing, Greece is facing mounting competition. The study explores Greece’s overall strategic role in CEE in undertaking logistics and management related roles. It also assesses Greece’s potential as pertained to its investment presence in the CEE area, with the purpose of examining its current and future prospects. It also advances its formulated hypotheses through comparative assessment (qualitative and quantitative) of the markets in the region via a set of identified criteria, respective of the necessary resources for efficient operations of logistics and management centres. The results prove that in terms of management capabilities, Greece and Austria are capable of undertaking such a role. For logistics operations, there are no definite conclusions, as decisions depend upon company specific considerations relative to overall organization strategy. However, since Greece is the only country in the Balkans with the necessary qualifications to undertake logistics responsibilities, it is suggested that it receives preference for the SEE.

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