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Sector analysis of international freight forwarders and third party logistics companies in Greece

The aim of this survey is the analysis of the 3PL and Foreign Freight-Forwarding companies sector in Greece, not only those functioning as members of the International Forwarders & Logistics Association of Greece but also those that function outside its boundaries. This analysis was carried out both from a theoretical aspect with bibliographic research and from a practical aspect with the aid of suitable Tools of Analysis and personal interviews. More specifically, initially a macroscopic analysis of the present status of the sector in Greece was conducted and then there was an analysis of the characteristics of the companies that act in the sector and the services that they offer. These services are compared to those that foreign companies offer abroad (with emphasis on European companies) and conclusions are inferred about the competitiveness of the Greek companies in the sector. Furthermore, the international models are examined and they are compared to the practices applied by the Greek 3PL and Foreign Freight-Forwarding companies. The study also records how the users value the services that these companies offer, how they conceptualize the benefits that result from these, which are the most common indicators used in order to quantify these benefits and which are the reasons for not using these services.

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