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Shaping VFGR’s new Retail Strategy through Digital Technology

In today’s digitized world, the distinction between on-and-offline shopping is not clear and customers seek a fully integrated, seamless retail environment. The purpose of this Field Study Project is to redefine Vodafone’s retail strategy by modernizing its stores without cannibalizing its existing position; whilst transforming them into technology hubs and attraction destinations. In particular this project aims to propose a strategy that will result in substantial increase in customer footfall and average dwell time, and therefore will enhance profitability by grasping the growing digital trend and the Greek tech-friendly market segment. The Study attempts to resolve the current problem of the absence of a plan that effectively improves customer experience and responds to the fierce interindustry competition. Based on feedback and information received from general public and technology experts, a number of alternatives were identified and evaluated in terms of how these could successfully rejuvenate Vodafone’s physical presence.  After thorough analysis, the Study proposes a scheme that aligns with Vodafone’s culture and includes the incorporation of ten new digital features in stores that will assist the company to future-proof its business vis-à-vis competition and capitalize on its technology-driven reputation.

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