Indicative FSP

Strategic Business Plan

The purpose of the project is the development of the Strategic and Business Plan for ODIE S.A. (Hellenic Horseracing Organization), in accordance to the Greek Law 3429/2005, which states that all State Owned Entities and Enterprises (SOE’s) should develop their respective Strategic and Business Plans until November 2007. The new Strategic and Business Plan should fully comply with the latest demand for administrative and financial information as set by the Ministry of Economics and Finance based on the instructions already communicated to State Owned Entities and Enterprises (SOE’s). The project consists of the development of a realistic plan which should include information regarding the Enterprise’s main activities, expected financial results, estates utilization, Investments as well as expected benefits for the Enterprise. Further, the team developed financial scenarios both at EBITDA and at EBT level, and provided the basis upon which forthcoming Business Plans will be set for the next six years, given that submitted Business Plans are revised annually.

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