Indicative FSP

Strategic planning for market extension

Food service is a distribution channel through which KRAFT FOOD HELLAS delivers its professional products. In this market, KRAFT FOOD HELLAS (KRAFT) operates via two partners, i.e. CAFFEA (ILLY), which exclusively covers the coffee/ cafeteria market and DIANOMEFS that delivers KRAFT products in hotels, restaurants and catering enterprises. Both companies are Kraft’s exclusive partners bonded with 3-year contracts for the provision of supplies in the above-mentioned areas of Food Service.
The project was defined to find new strategic approaches and ways for the expansion of DIANOMEFS distribution channel and consequently help KRAFT increase product sales throughout Greece by adopting the following methodology: a) Analysis of the Food Service market through research, personal interviews and official questionnaires, b) Evaluation of the strategy that DIANOMEFS follows at present and proposal of new alternative strategies, c) Selection of the appropriate merchants in regions where Kraft’s HO-Re-CA products have not yet penetrated the market by setting up and analysing selection criteria, analysing the business profiles of the potential partners and evaluating their capabilities, d) Identification of new strategic ways to approach the potential partners in order to achieve cooperation with DIANOMEFS within KRAFT selling terms and conditions.

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