Indicative FSP

A supplier perspective on development opportunities in the food, FMCG and logistics market in South-Eastern Europe

The former Soviet Union countries in the South and Eastern Europe are still in the transition from regulated economy to free markets. Specifically the food and fast moving consumer goods markets are going through a transformation phase from traditional to modern retail and distribution practices. In order to make sound investments in such highly volatile environments the access to recent, accurate and reliable information is vital. The study provides the relevant information through comprehensive reports for the markets of Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Ukraine. These reports analyze the alternative sales channels – retail, wholesaling and HoReCa (hotels, restaurants and catering), the infrastructures as well as the logistic services market including distribution and third party logistics (3PL). The data collected and the analyses conducted can significantly help companies planning to expand their business in these countries as exporters or distributors, understand the market, identify opportunities and realize the specific challenges to be faced in each country.

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