Indicative FSP

Supporting investment decisions in the FinTech and ICT Sectors: Market Analysis and Opportunities Assessment

In this field study project we tried to analyze the Greek and Europe market in the FinTech and ICT sectors, develop a comparative analysis for them and additionally promote the investment opportunities that the Greek market has to offer.

Our project includes a macro analysis of the Greek and the European ICT market followed up with a comparative analysis between them in an effort to identify competitive advantages that the Greek market possesses and how Greek companies can make an attempt to fill gaps in the European market. It also contains a full description of startup scenery in Europe and Greece, how they use their available resources for growing, the different ways of getting funded but also the significance of collaborating with the corporate world in order to secure their survival. For our project we constructed a map of the largest Greek IT companies and categorize them in terms of revenues, export capabilities, role/positioning, size, market, portfolio, technology and offering scope. Based on all this information we presented an analysis of the situation in the Greek market while we tried to extract ideas for investment opportunities. In the end we demonstrated the ways that we can achieve growth and the vehicles that Greek companies can utilize in order to expand and take market share from Europe. Besides that, we present investment opportunities that derive from formatting clusters and specifically the results of a series of merging scenarios.


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