Indicative FSP

Sustainability as an Employer of Choice in Gen Y

Mondelēz International each year focuses on Gen Y talents for the prosperity of the company. In 2016, the research, which was enriched with a section studying the impact of crisis on millennial careers, put Mondelēz International in the twenty-sixth place on a 40 companies list compared to the sixth place in 2013 and 2014. The mission of the project is to analyze how this negative result occurred, to understand what are now the perceptions of Gen Y about the ideal employer, what strategy do the competitors follow and what elements the company should improve in order to gain back the acceptance of the Gen Y.

To achieve that, the FSP team gathered and analyzed all the elements based on Mondelēz, Generation Y characteristics, findings from the previous surveys and companies that were in the first positions of millennial’ preference. Moreover, a questionnaire was created concerning the preferences of Generation Y. The representative sample of 120 millennial was selected from Athens’ universities and randomly in the road, in order to gather every age between 18 and 36 and every education level from high school to PhD. After the distribution, all answers have been analyzed through SPSS 20 program.

Finally, the team proposes a specific strategy that Mondelēz should follow in order to become again one of their most desirable employers.

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