Indicative FSP

Usage and Attitude Study for Consumer Products

A quantitative Usage and Attitude survey was conducted by questionnaire provided the following: A general overview of the users based on their demographics, descriptive overview of the consumer behaviour (frequency of product use, desirable attributes in the product, purchase frequency etc.), brand performance of the main brands in the industry, and attempt to find statistically strong relationships for the reasons of consumer behaviour. The sample that was requested by the company was 130 individuals with only quota the sex category (50% male – 50% female). The data collection was conducted face-to-face and the data analysis was run with SPSS. The findings presented are only the ones that are statistically significant. The results though should be treated indicatively due to size and location (concentrated in Athens) of the sample analyzed. By taking into consideration the findings of the study we concluded to specific results and based on them we proposed specific actions in order for AIM to move up from its steady number #2 position and gain back its lost popularity.

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