Indicative FSP

Website performance measurement

Cultureguide, an e-magazine providing information about Greek cultural events, is a recent project of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and the Hellenic Culture Organization SA. In response to the diverse nature of the needs proposed by the site’s management, this study has been divided into three main parts.
The first part studies the interface of the site. It aims at providing practical tips, which collectively should facilitate increasing levels of attractiveness, information clarity and relevance, as well as functionality enhancement. The second part is dedicated to statistical data. It starts by analysing the information needs of the site and the numerical metrics that should be monitored by its management. Subsequently, it provides a simple recommendation with regards to the acquisition of an Off-The-Shelf software application that will best perform this function.
The third part presents a list of business models that will allow the site either to gather revenue or to exchange value-adding services with other institutions.

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