Indicative FSP

Who is the Retail Face Care Shopper?

This project is conducted on behalf of NIVEA, one of Beiersdorf Hellas’s brands, in order to monitor the changes in the field of face care anti-age creams. The purpose is to research the problem of market share changes with products of lower price increasing their shares in the channel of supermarkets.  The problem is approached through four objectives which are to find out consumer’s buying criteria, describe the profile of women buying anti-age creams from supermarkets, define consumer’s brand perception, and discover shopping patterns. For this purpose it is conducted both qualitative and quantitative research. More specifically the project team carried out Focus Groups, Word Association Tests, and Human Observations and based on the qualitative results generalized findings through Questionnaires.  The principal results of the research describe the persona of the retail face care shopper as a not very loyal consumer who buys with criteria the value for money, the price, and the ingredients of the product. Key finding is also that consumers who do not buy NIVEA believe that the brand is an expert in other product categories and on this basis recommendations in order to change brand perception are suggested.


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