Indicative FSP

Wireless Corporate Information Service (Wirelesss CIS)

Corporate information has become a commodity in the sense that today’s corporate entities have long used alternative channels in order to faster and better reach their customer base. There exist a lot of traditional channels of such corporate information diffusion with Yellow Pages being one of the most effective and well established in the market. Amongst other ways of accessing Yellow Pages information (published catalogues and/or voice directory services) one of the most innovative is the one of Yellow Pages via Internet. In the context of the Wireless CIS project, the existing Yellow Pages business/service model will be further exploited and elaborated by the use of mobile communications technology as an alternative channel, additional to the existing one of Internet in order to provide user-oriented and value added services targeted to a much broader customer base, i.e. mobile subscribers. The main objective with the project was a systematic assessment of the business risks and opportunities and the development of a testing application prototype to be disseminated.

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