MBA International accredited by HAHE receives the highest score of excellence!

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During the recent accreditation conducted by the Hellenic Authority for Higher Education in late October 2023, the MBA International leadership, the leadership of the Department of Management, Science and Technology, faculty, staff, students, alumni, members of the Business Advisory Council, and recruiters actively participated in a comprehensive online accreditation process. The evaluation encompassed a set of 10 principles, covering areas such as quality assurance policy and goal setting, study program design, student-centered learning, teaching, assessment, progression and certification, monitoring and evaluation, learning resources, and student support.

In each of the above-mentioned principles, the MBA International Program demonstrated full compliance, showcasing a robust commitment to excellence in all aspects.

Consequently, the program achieved the highest score in the HAHE accreditation receiving excellence, 10/10,

The accreditation panel specifically commended the well-developed MBA program, which has shown continuous improvement since its establishment and progresses on an upward trajectory in international rankings. The program’s rigorous standards in student selection and its emphasis on fostering networking for both students and alumni were highlighted as key strengths. This consistency aligns seamlessly with the quality assurance requirements, goal-setting objectives, and the Program’s pursuit of excellence.

The accreditation process concluded successfully, culminating in the Hellenic Authority for Higher Education awarding accreditation to the MBA International Program for the next five years.

We extend warm appreciation to all stakeholders, both internal and external to the program and the University, for their longstanding and substantial contributions and unwavering commitment to the success of the MBA International Program. We eagerly anticipate continuing this journey of excellence together.


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