MBA International innovates again, offering new eBusiness Curriculum

I-MBA is the first MBA in Europe partnering with Market Motive to offer unparalleled access and cutting edge curriculum and training for SEO, Social Media, Analytics, Pay-per-Click, On-line Marketing, etc.

I-MBA, in a continuous effort to adapt to current market needs, partners with Market Motive, to provide the best international curriculum in eBusiness. Students will be fully trained for more than 20 new job-roles, such as eCommerce manager, Social Media Manager, Conversion Manager, SEO expert, Web Analyst, SEM Campaign Manager, etc.

Market Motive is considered the top training organization in the US for eBusiness & on-line marketing courses, such as Social Media, eCommerce conversion, Web Analytics, etc. Market Motive founders & faculty includes top established industry professionals and bestselling authors, such as Avinash Kaushnik, Digital Marketing evangelist of Google and author of ‘Web Analytics 2.0′, Bryan Eisenberg, author of ‘Always Be Testing’ & ‘Call to Action”, Brad Gedes, author of ‘Advanced Google Adwords’, and others.

The MBA International will offer 7 eLearning self-paced courses with video teaching by top industry gurus:

1. eBusiness Marketing fundamentals

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

3. Web Analytics

4. Pay-per-Click

5. Social Media

6. Conversion Optimization

7. Mobile Marketing

On top of the above cutting edge curriculum, students have access to a forum for intraction with faculty and other students, while weekly workshops are offered with the latest industry developments and more that 1000 hours of extra video are available in the video library.

This collaboration takes place through the Be eBusiness blog, the Authorized Market Motive Reseller in Europe.

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