Success Story

Evangelia Passa


“My i-MBA provided me with a well rounded education that helped me to take my first steps into the world of finance. Additionally, it gave me a unique cultural perspective through the people that I met and the classes that I took that sparked my desire to work and live abroad.”

2022- present Global Head of Investments Governance, Managed Solutions, J.P. Morgan Private Bank, UK

2019- 2022 Head of Investment Governance, International Private Bank, Managed Solutions, J.P. Morgan, UK

2017- 2019  Executive Director, GWM- Fund Selection, JP Morgan, UK

2009- present Vice President, Private Bank, Fund Selection- Investment Specialist, JP Morgan, UK

2008- 2009 Risk Analyst, JP Morgan, UK

2007- 2008 Market Risk Associate, Risk Advisory, PWC London, UK

Holder of MSc in Investment Management (merit), Cass Business School, London, Commercial Bank of Greece Scholarship for academic excellence (2005) and a BA in Business Administration from the University of Piraeus.

Current Distinctions & Awards